Substitute eggs for apple sauce.

People who opt for a vegan diet want to avoid eggs for many reasons, such as culture/religion, personal preferences and health. Although eggs can make the end product better, it does not mean that they are irreplaceable in recipes. You might find some compromise in the texture and taste, but if the execution is right, the results will be almost identical. Below is a list of our top 5 substitutes for eggs.

1)     Tofu: This is a great substitution in recipes that require lots of eggs, such as custard and pudding. For every egg used in recipes, you will need a quarter cup of soft tofu in pureed form. While tofu will not fluff up like eggs, it will create a silky texture that resembles eggs. Furthermore, it is a source of healthy protein that is low in fat and high in calcium, so win-win for those who want to cut down extra calories and cholesterol.

2)     Bananas: For desserts and sweet baked goods, try using one banana for each egg in the recipe. This will also add a sweet, nutty flavor to the dish, so make sure that you use less sugar.

3)     Applesauce: If you need to bake brownies or other baked goods and do not have bananas on hand, you can use applesauce. However, like bananas, because applesauce will add flavor to the recipe, make sure that it is compatible with the other ingredients in the dessert.

4)     Soy yogurt: For every egg required in the recipe, you can add a quarter cup of soy yogurt. This works almost exactly like tofu and will add a silky texture to your final product. Just make sure to beat it well before adding it to your food.

5)     Puréed fruit: In the case where you would like to add a little more health benefits to your cakes and muffins, substitute other types of fruits for your recipe. Remember to use fruits with a smooth texture and without seeds, such as papayas and mangoes. This will make your end product very smooth.

Being vegan does not mean that you have to compromise tastes for your dietary preference. Come visit us and see for yourself how going vegan can be a tasty lifestyle choice.