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butter heart melting

We all love butter – it’s rich, creamy and makes any food better, improving both texture and taste.  Butter is one of the tops reasons many find it so hard to switch to a vegan diet, especially those who love baked goods. After all, butter is so central to baking that as soon as people hear about eliminating butter from a recipe, they expect the results will be horrible.  The good news is, you can actually substitute butter in baked goods with many alternative good fats derived from plant sources:

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Sweet Corn is great in the summer

Summer has finally arrived. It is now time to reap the benefits of the beautiful season by using the fresh flavors of local produce at its peak. Your local Vancouver vegan/vegetarian restaurants should offer you plenty of inspirations and options to “veggie” up your meals. In this blog, we offer you our selection of the top five summer vegetables as well as tips on how to pick them at their best.

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We all know fat is bad and want to avoid it. Yet, we always cannot seem to help ourselves to that extra greasy strip of bacon or that crunchy layer of deep-fried chicken skin, only to end up experiencing regret and repercussions. So, why do we enter this horrible cycle? It ultimately boils down to the misconception people have about how cutting down fat will compromise the taste and the risk-/work-averse attitudes of how it is too time-consuming/effortful to use healthy alternatives. After all, that bag of chips is just within reach and oh-so-good tasting! Little do people know that cutting fat or shortening in cooking is actually quite easy to do and can also enhance the natural flavors of food. Don’t believe us? Why not try these 5 easy tricks and find out for yourselves?

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