Pan Fried Dumplings

IMG_0897There may be nothing more traditional in Chinese cuisine than the pan fried dumpling. It is a great addition to any Chinese meal and is not only delicious, it is also steeped in history and has been a staple in Chinese cuisine for many centuries. Here is a brief history and overview of the Chinese dumplings, how they are prepared and what makes the pan fried dumpling the dumpling of choice for people from all parts of the world.

A Brief History of the Dumpling

The dumpling has its origins in the Southern and Northern Dynasty and has been enjoyed in China for over 400 years. Traditionally, they were eaten during the celebrations of Chinese New Year because the crescent shape of the dumpling resembled the currency that was used in China during the Ming Dynasty. The dumpling was also enjoyed year round in the northern provinces of China as they were seen as a traditional way of curing frostbite.

Dumpling Types

Chinese dumplings are served in three main ways – boiled, steamed and pan fried, with the latter being the most popular. The cooking technique which is a combination of oil and the right wok temperature is what makes it the pan fried the most sought after and tastiest of the dumplings. Although there are many different types of pan fried dumplings, the cooking technique remains the same and is the reason this type of dumpling is so sought after.


There are many different ingredients that can be used when filling a dumpling. Some of the more popular vegetarian options include cabbage, scallions, celery, various types of mushrooms and leeks. Traditionally, depending upon which region of China you were in would determine what ingredients were used to fill the dumpling. Regardless of which filling you decide to order, dumplings are always served with a soy sauce based dipping sauce that may include sesame oil or hot sauce. At Panz Veggie, we offer many delicious pan fried dumpling options; all of which combine delicious and unique vegetarian flavours and are made with locally sourced ingredients.


How the dumpling is folded and presented is just as important as its filling. Traditionally, the pan fried dumpling technique that is the most famous and the most common is the pinch edge fold. A tablespoon of filling is placed in the center of a square wrapper and then it is folded over and pinched together creating small pleats. These pleats eventually seal the dumpling and create the popular crescent shaped dumpling that is enjoyed in China and around the world.
Now you do not have to wait until Chinese New Year or live in a cold climate to enjoy pan fried dumplings. Instead, pan fried dumplings can be enjoyed year round and are a great addition to any lunch or dinner or can be enjoyed as the main dish. At Panz Veggie, we serve pan fried dumplings from opening to closing and would love to introduce you to the delicious and surprisingly healthy world of the pan fried dumpling! Stop by today and see why our pan fried dumplings are one of the most popular items on our menu. We look forward to seeing you soon!