Going Vegetarian

IMG_0920There are so many different diets and trends in the nutritional world today it is hard to stay on top of them all. Whether it be through social media, or the nightly news, there are always new nutritional suggestions as to why you should remove certain foods from your diet or why you should bolster your diet with certain foods. Should I go gluten free? Are you getting enough omega fats in your diet? These are just a few of these new nutritional trends. Regardless of your dietary choices, what can be agreed upon by almost all nutritionists and is not just a trend is that a diet based upon vegetarian sources is a healthier diet than that based on saturated fats and meat.

Some of the health benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

A diet that is based on vegetables is a diet that offers many health benefits. Some of the more obvious health benefits and some that you may already be familiar with are the rich variety of minerals and vitamins that are provided through a well-balanced vegetarian diet. This includes more fiber as well as more magnesium and potassium (both very important minerals for essential health). Besides providing your body with all of the essential vitamins and minerals, a vegetarian diet also offers cholesterol fighting phytochemicals (plant chemicals). Lower cholesterol leads to lower risk of heart disease.

Vegetables Fight Heart Disease

Many studies have shown that a plant based diet is good for your heart. A vegetarian diet is void of all saturated fat which is the largest contributor to heart disease. In addition to a diet that does not include animal fats or saturated fats, a vegetarian diet is high in fiber. This combination lowers cholesterol levels and is a great way to a healthy heart.

Fight Cancer

Choosing a vegetarian diet is also a wise choice when it comes to preventing cancer. Certain studies have shown that vegetarians are forty percent less likely to develop cancer than are non-vegetarians. Again, because a vegetarian diet is high in fiber and is void of saturated fats as well as high in phytochemicals, a plant based diet is a great choice to help prevent cancer.

Beat Obesity

If you are looking to lose weight and have found that all of the new found trends and diets just aren’t giving you the results you want, a vegetarian diet can help. Many studies have linked a vegetarian diet to a lower BMI or body mass index. A plant based diet is free from all saturated fats and processed foods that contain these fats. Instead, a plant based diet tends to be higher in complex carbohydrates which will keep the body fuller for longer periods of time. A vegetarian based diet is a diet that will lead to a healthier weight and a healthier you.

An Ethical Choice

Besides all of these health benefits, a vegetarian diet is also an ethical choice. A plant based diet is a diet that is not based on the consumption of any animal and thus is a choice to not participate in the killing of animals and how they are treated. This treatment includes the use of pens and cages as well as antibiotics and is known as factory farming. A vegetarian diet removes one from participating in this cycle of cruelty.

Delicious and Nutritious

You may also have heard of some of the concerns about a vegetarian diet such as lack of protein and iron or a shortage of essential vitamins such as B12. A well balanced vegetarian diet will provide all of your body’s nutritional needs and more. Not only is a vegetarian diet nutritious, it is also delicious. There are so many great recipes available as well as many great restaurants that cater to a vegetarian’s lifestyle.

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