Welcome to Panz Veggie Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant

We are one of Vancouver’s favourite local spots for Chinese cuisine that is both vegan and vegetarian friendly. We provide genuine and honest service and use ingredients that are locally sourced, ethical and fresh. Our dishes are great for sharing and are carefully prepared to impress guests and to whet the appetite – call us today!

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 11:30 am to 9 pm.


Panz Veggie Restaurant staff are taking some well-deserved holidays.

Holiday closures:

  • March 10 to 17 – Restaurant opens again Tuesday, March 18.
  • May 12 to 19 – Restaurant opens again Tuesday, May 20.
  • June 1 to 9 – Restaurant opens again Tuesday, June 10.

     Sorry for the inconvenience.

Every day is Remembrance Day at Panz Veggie Restaurant

puppyCanadian soldiers eat free at Panz Veggie Restaurant every day from 3-5 pm all year round. Open Tuesday to Sunday. Please call to reserve if you are able, and show your ID before ordering. If you wear your military uniform we would like to take a photo if you don’t mind. We are grateful for your heroic service to the Canadian people. We want to serve you for a change. Let us express our appreciation with this small gesture.

  • We’re 100% Vegetarian, and even 100% Vegan, with absolutely no meat of any kind, no seafood, and no meat broths or meat by-products.
  • Affordable pricing and ample-sized helpings.
  • No MSG
  • Meticulously clean and aesthetically pleasing surroundings
  • Catering available for private parties
  • Delivery available from